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Office Catering Specialists

5830 Georgia Avenue
Washington, DC 20011

A Brief History of Our Time

Our History: Back in 1986 Jim Doherty, a native New Yorker and University of Maryland graduate, got hungry and wanted to open a deli. Currently employed at 'USAir' as a software engineer, Jim had worked in deli's and pizzerias all his life and missed this lifestyle. Jim found a little carry-out in the Esplanade building at 20th and K Streets in Washington DC that was for sale. The name of the carry-out was 'Hogies Corner'. The owner, Gary Chang, operated a Chinese food restaurant next door named China Grove. Gary basically let the business go for free if Jim was willing to negotiate a lease for the space and take it over. This sounded good to Jim, but he still needed help to get started. Jim began his search for a partner and found one in fraternity brother Erich Fuldner. Erich was a bright entrepreneur himself having had numerous of his own small businesses during high school and college. Together they founded Deli Group Inc. in June of 1987. Jim and Erich grew the business very quickly, reinvesting all of their profit and repaying their investors in record time. A business loan was taken out to expand the kitchen and this too was paid off in record time. Partnerships are like marriages though; Jim bought out Erich in 1991. Jim and his wife Debbie opened Pumpernickel's in 1989, and sold the business to Jim's cousin in 1996. Jim and Debbie run and operate the business to this day, every day.