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Office Catering Specialists

5830 Georgia Avenue
Washington, DC 20011

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of catering does Washington Deli provide?
Primarily we are an office caterer specializing in corporate breakfasts, corporate lunches, and pizza orders. We also do company happy hours, box lunches. and buffet style functions. Because of our close proximity to the National Mall, we also specialize in tourist group catering. We are also lucky to have an on premise Sushi Chef, so our Sushi and 'Sashimi' menu is truly a great option.

What is the delivery policy?
Delivery is available for all orders. Orders within a reasonable walking distance (about 3 blocks) of the catering facility, during normal business hours, are less expensive. The cost of deliveries requiring a vehicle depend on time, difficulty, and distance.

What forms of payment does Washington Deli accept?
Washington Delicatessen accepts all major credit cards, cash, company and personal checks, and Pay Pal. For those companies wishing to establish a corporate account, please complete the Corporate Account Application. Once a corporate account has been established the terms are net 30 days.

Do you provide Kosher Food?
No, we do not provide strictly kosher meals as we do not have a Kosher kitchen, although we are happy to work with our clients to ensure that we can provide acceptable meals. If 'kashrut' is not an issue, we also offer a Jewish-style Deli package lunch where we separate dairy from meat, and don't use any pork products. Our clients find our "Jewish Style" platter acceptable given the difficulty of finding strictly kosher facilities.

Do you deliver pizza?
We deliver the best pizza in the city! Minimum order for pizza delivery is three pizzas. There is a nominal charge for delivery. You can add salads and dessert or drinks to bring the order up to the minimum. Please give us as much advance notice as possible.

Can orders be picked up easily?
If you want to pick up your order we will bring it right to your car. Just call us on your cell phone to tell us when you are outside in the loading zone and we will bring your order out to you. Remember that we are on the corner of 20th and I Streets, and 20th Street runs one way from south to north.

How can I save on delivery charges?
Most delivery charges depend on distance, size of order, and building access. To keep delivery charges as low as possible for those buildings with high security, consider using our curb side delivery service. This service requires that you bring your office cart or co-workers down to the street to meet our delivery person at the curb. Please call for details!

Are paper products free?
Disposable paper products are provided free of charge with orders of 10 people or more for any breakfast platter, the Classic Business Lunch, and the Boardroom Business Lunch. For all other orders there will be a charge of 1.25 per person. Tablecloths are available at a cost of $5.00 each.

How long are leftovers safe to consume?
Generally, food that has been at room temperature for more than two hours should be discarded. Please discard or refrigerate leftovers as soon as possible. Washington Deli is not responsible for food left at room temperature for this time period.

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