Washington Deli and Office Catering DC

1990 K Street, NW
(20th Street Entrance, Near I Street)
Washington, DC 20006-1103

202-331-3344 Store

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Pizza Selections

  Cheese $23   Pepperoni $23   Veggie Supreme $23   Sausage, Peppers, Onions $23
  Vegan $25   White $23   Meat Lovers $23   Sun Dried Tomato $23


  Iceburg Heads $2.99   Romaine Heads $3.99   Cucumbers LB $1.99   Carrots LB $1.99


  Dozen Eggs $3.99   Bacon LB $6.99   Toilet Paper Rolls $1.5   Paper Towel Rolls $1.5

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